Whether you are planning to sell your house today, next year or 10 years from now, your home’s interior design will have a positive or negative impact on its value.

Interior design is not just about creating beautiful spaces; it’s also about increasing the value of your home.  Therefore, a crucial consideration when choosing an Interior Designer is their knowledge and understanding of the real estate market and what drives property values up or down.  

Here’s a few design mistakes to avoid.

  1. Poor Flow

Furniture placement is key.  A room’s focal point, such as a fireplace or entertainment cabinet, should determine the furniture placement in that space.   Furniture should be placed around the focal point and should face the focal point.   For instance, sofas and chairs should be facing towards the fireplace, not facing in an opposite direction.  

  1. Poor Lighting

Lack of adequate lighting can make any room seem drab and dull.  

The more natural light, the better.  However, most rooms aren’t flooded with an adequate amount of natural light, so additional lighting sources is a must!  Install overhead lighting and add accent lighting with floor lamps and table lamps to lighten any dark areas of the room.  

  1. Outdated, Dirty, Dingy Bathrooms

To avoid mold and mildew issues and costly repairs, bathrooms must be kept pristine and sparkling with updated fixtures and materials.  Proper ventilation should always be a key component of any bathroom design.  Bathrooms are humidity hoarders, which can quickly become problematic if not maintained and updated regularly. 

  1. No Personality

A home with no personality feels dull and boring.  Add a little spice and character to your home by adding color with art and décor that is reflective of you.  A magazine worthy design is beautiful but what make your house a home that is comfortable and inviting, is your special items (collectibles, memorabilia, art, etc.)

  1. Cluttered Spaces

Too much furniture, art or accent pieces will make a room feel cluttered and disorganized.  Resist the urge to fill up every inch of space with furnishings.  Store or donate the excess pieces.  Your home will feel lighter and brighter, and you’ll be able to enjoy what makes your house a beautiful home.  

If you’re guilty of one or all of these design mistakes, not to worry.  Your Interior Designer will guide you through how best to correct these mistakes and increase your home’s value.  



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